About us

Write Track is run by Bec and Chris and we've spent years helping people become more productive writers.

Bec's an expert in product innovation and habit-forming technology and the former director of a writing school. Chris leads on business development and traction. He's also a writer who's spent a career working in marketing and digital media.

We've written for a range of publications like The Guardian, Life Hacker, Startup Grind, Mslexia and the Huffington Post - and more.

The story of Write Track

The idea for Write Track came to Bec in 2012 when she was managing a writing school. She saw that the most successful writers also had the most effective writing habits. Talent's vital but writing every day and persisting is just as important. At the same time she was using lots of tracking apps to monitor her fitness. They were really working so she thought: let's make something similar for writers and creatives!

Since then we've made a digital tracking and goal setting product and have developed a number of other micro-learning tools to test out our ideas. We've been bowled over by the feedback and commitment we've had from our small but committed band of writer-users. We're hugely grateful to them.

Everything we do is guided by our wish to make creatives and writers more productive and achieve their goals and ambitions. We believe that when people do the thing they love doing they lead happier, more fulfilled lives and create work that changes the world.

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