Complete a short story each month

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This is my goal description: I'm determined to make progress with that pile of short stories. Each month I need to complete one - it could be edited or newly written. I'm going to join Wattpad and post them there or enter a competition. I'd love to have done 12 by this time next year, but I'll be happy with 9.


Good luck - sounds like a great goal - and happy new year.

Darcy Conroy

There are some lovely short stories on Wattpad, they are my favourite things to read there (not being the "usual" Wattpadder but there are enough of us, too!) I look forward to reading your stories!


Oooh, short stories posted on Wattpad – love the idea.

Eleanor Vere

When I was in college my senior project was to do short stories with a "moral" and then analyse their philosophical points. I've been meaning to dig up those old shorts and edit them into something a little more coherent, then set them up as an anthology in the world I'm working on setting my future stories -- editing old false starts to conform to the setting, now that I've finally got something solid set up. Shorts are tough -- but rewarding, I think, and excellent practice!

Bec from Write-Track

Eleanor they sound fab - and well worth revisiting. I love the idea of over arching structure especially if it's not overt and the reader works out the links.

Complete a short story each month

Bec from Write-Track


I was determined to do this by the end of September - but apart from re-reading a couple of existing stories, I didn't edit and submit them. I'll keep this as a goal. First step is to find a good competition, set it as a goal and then submit!

Katya Harris

No probs. I usually retweet any interesting calls I come across so have a look in my twitter feed for more (they're not all erotica ones) :D

ann Harrison

For free contests go to, I just signed up for their newsletter the other day.

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