First edit of short story

Bec from Write-Track


My God - editing is so slow. Only half way through the rewrite.


there's a string of comments somewhere out there where Darcy and Divyam and i discussed that VERY THING! we ended up celebrating the SLOW process! better to do it well and do it right!... but i hear ya---i have all this time to work on this story and ... takes FOREVER---i feel like i'm making great progress ...but only like five paragraphs at * a * time * ----hang in there!

GL Jackson

I'm probably weird this way, but I really enjoy long as it's a project I'm passionate about. Otherwise it's like pulling out my hair.

Bec from Write-Track

I must admit I am enjoying the process but it always surprises me how long it takes. Writing a first draft is so quick - just chuck it all on the page, but rewriting is serious business - weighing every word and sentence. It actually feels quite indulgent. The tricky thing for me is to finish the rewrite before my holiday ends. Deadline!


Love editing other people's stuff, hate editing my own. Keep going!


woo hoo!!! WOWOWOWOW!!! good for you!

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